My name is Timmy and I own Republic Bricks. I first off would like to thank you for visiting this page. I am based in Stevenson Ranch, California. I am located very close to Six Flags Magic Mountain so if you ever happen to be there, make sure to stop by RB HQ!

All the lego I sell are official lego, new unless otherwise stated and ALL from a smoke free home. To contact me, visit the contact us page.

Some things about me?

I started building Lego when I was 9 years old in 2009. How? My best friend at the time showed me his lego castle collection and his lego Star Wars collection and I fell in love. I saw the Star Wars movies that night and the rest is history.


I started selling when I was 13 to make money to buy more lego. At that time it was small, but in late 2016 I decided to make Republic Bricks and here we are.


It started off as a Lego Star Wars MOC page on instagram and quickly evolved to live instagram auctions, super sales on my story and so much more. With the rapid growth of the page and amount of sellers, I figured it was time for the big time, time to become an official business and make this thing a website. 

Here we are.

I run a youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxPelwU8GBFzXPcNBOtsWug?view_as=subscriber/p>



I am an avid runner. I run collegiately and was a D1 track & Cross country athlete at Arizona State University before transferring back home to run and focus on my business. I plan to return to D1 running in the fall of 2020 or 2021.

I run the mile and half mile and ran a 4:11 mile while in HS! That was enough to get me to state finals! I have also won nationals when I was younger so as you can see running is very important to me!