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$100 for an hour call (zoom, FaceTime, Instagram, or discord)

$50 for 30 minute call (zoom, FaceTime, Instagram or discord)

Once you place an order, I will email you so we can set up a time for the call. 


How to grow your page

How to make TRIPLE the amount of money you’re making now

How to save money with PayPal, eBay fees etc

How to save THOUSANDS of dollars on shipping 

How to maximize your time so you can increase sales

How to get bulk items 

Tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last 4 years of selling

How to save money with taxes

How to spend / reinvest your money


What you need to bring to the call :

Your business goals (revenue, followers, etc)

Your current business model

Questions that you want answered


 Members of @republicbricksmemberships get 50% off the price.



@mattysminifgures on Instagram is up over 1000% percent in sales and bringing in over 6 figures since taking my advice.

Countless people who have watched my buying and selling with republicbricks have told me how much they have been able to learn and grow. You can watch these videos here: