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This model comes with PDF instructions  & part list to allow you to buy and build your Jedi starfighters.

parts range from $20-$60 per vehicle depending where you live and which set you purchase. 

The Delta-7B was manufactured by 
Kuat Systems Engineering, and initially saw use as Delta-7's were lost in battle. The main difference between the Delta-7B and its predecessor the Delta-7, was a relocation of the astromech socket from the port (left) side of the starfighter, to just in front of the cockpit. This, along with a slightly-enlarged center-hull, would allow for a full-size astromech droid to be used instead of the truncated units[4]—such as the R4-P or the R3-D—seen in the earlier-model Delta-7. Also like the Delta-7, the Delta-7B had 4 twin laser-cannons (2 above the "triangular"-shaped hull, and 2 right below the "upper" cannons, on the underside of the hull). It also typically depended on other spacecraft or an external hyperdrive ring for faster-than-light travel.


 This exact model has 265 pieces



David Buchholz