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There are 500 blind bags total!

You will receive one item per bag. 

As these get closer to selling out the price will increase. (Started at $24.99, will increase to $49.99 by the end)

If your item is a chaser set it will not come in a blind bag since obviously a set cannot fit inside a blind bag. 

Common = normal ($25-$40 in value)

Chaser = highest ($60 - $1600 in value)


Common items (425 items) : Random Brickheadz (custom one from my website), BARC speeders, Any custom clone trooper or minifigure on the website (avg value -25-), official figures that have bricklink value of $15 or more.

Chaser items: (75 chasers total)


UCS VENATOR (random legion)

Chrome Vader (sealed) 

10x New Venator (Shadow or Regular)

Ghost and Phantom 


Jango Fett 2002 (new)

Zeta Class Shuttle

10x BD-1 reskins full pack

5x Nightbrother 

3x Mandalore Dropship

10x AT-AP

10x V-19 torrent

15x Tri Fighter Droid

5x Mandalorian Speeder